User Interface Design
& Info. Architecture

I have a passion for creating the optimum user experience. When designing websites, intranet sites, and web applications, I combine logical navigation and site flow, Web 2.0 functionality, and optimized graphics, into an engaging, visually appealing user experience.

Art Direction

I provide full art direction services for web, print and multimedia projects. I develop concepts, hire and supervise talent and service providers, direct photo shoots and oversee all other phases of projects, ensuring its quality and timely ensure quality, functionality and timely completion.

Graphic Design

When designing, I use color, graphic elements, typography, illustration, and photography to create a layout that leads the audience through the project. For web-based projects, I add an attention to download time. For print materials, I use paper texture, dye cuts, and varnishing techniques to give you a striking, effective and functional piece.


As an illustrator, I offer both traditional and computer-generated illustration for use in all types of media. I have illustrated for the following projects:


Project Types


Print Collateral